Elise Foster (USA) 

With a Master of Science – Industrial and Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech and Master of Education – Special Studies from Harvard University, Elise brings a systems mindset to the work of leadership, helping leaders see how their assumptions, actions, and peers interact to make the organisational system. She helps leaders tap into their full potential that is too often masked by an emphasis on technical expertise. She understands leaders face enormous pressure to perform, whether that means hitting an aggressive product release date or leveraging the full complement of talent on one’s team and consistently sees leadership excellence is as much about what you know, as it is about how you know. She helps leaders gain new perspectives to leverage the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of knowing and to identify and make sense of their long-held beliefs and assumptions – and find ways to shift their mindset, where appropriate. Elise knows how to help leaders get more done with fewer resources, while simultaneously growing their organisation’s capability to thrive in complexity.

Elise is the co-author of two books in the field of curiosity and collective intelligence – The Multiplier Effect and Beautiful Questions in the Classroom –and shares her ideas from with leaders across the globe.