Marion Lawie FRSA

I connect people with their own potential and with each other.

I create learning and engagement experiences for individuals and teams, working particularly within the public sector and community. My role is to create an environment where participants are open and willing to share ideas, consider alternative perspectives and learn something new – or perhaps unlearn something that’s no longer serving them.

Shared by my clients is the need to build capacity (through developing and embedding new skills and knowledge) and strengthen relationships (through understanding and engaging with stakeholders). People call me when they want to not just tick a training box but fill the boxes with knowledge, understanding and skills to power up capability and deepen stakeholder relationships.

My work combines professional expertise with deep empathy and a lively sense of humour to create learning and engagement experiences tailored to participants’ needs, enabling them to connect with each other and with their own potential. I choose to work with people and organisations who care about results AND about impacts, combining a social conscience with strategic thinking seasoned with fun and care.