Keynote Topics

Accelerating individual and collective wisdom.

Dr Desley Lodwick GAICD

Co-founder of Aberrant Learning and creator of Cohort Coaching and a series of experiences designed for leaders and teams, Desley has been speaking at summits and industry conferences across Australia and internationally. Inspirational, purposeful and energetic, she masterfully connects research and ideas to ease the challenges of work in ways that make a difference.

When Covid happened, Desley was already delivering work virtually to clients around the world in her dedicated studio. From 2020 onwards she hasn’t stopped delivering webcasts, coach development, cohort coaching, individual coaching, and facilitating online conferences and workshops. In-person experiences are now an option rather than the main event.

Desley speaks on many topics including:

  1. Aberrant leadership
  2. When work isn’t working
  3. From problems to progress