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Aberrant’s Amplify Women programs are designed to support the advancement of women in all spheres of life and work. Our practitioners comprise a group of women with significant qualifications in research, leadership learning program design, strategic planning and implementation of key initiatives designed to bring about complex cultural change and who are themselves:

  1. Experienced and skilled leaders.
  2. Thought leaders in the advancement of women.
  3. Skilled in codesigning programs with internal organisational staff.
  4. Experienced in translating research into practical actions that support women.
  5. Skilled in facilitating learning which honors the issues women face and the significant training and knowledge they already have, whilst addressing the complexity of expanding leadership dispositions and confidence.
  6. Well versed in what it takes for a program to be safe and confidential.

We pay attention to supporting women becoming more adaptable, more self-aware, more collaborative and able to span boundaries and networks and most importantly, how to support this in others.

Aberrant’s AMPLIFY Women program, conducted over six three-hour sessions, supports women reaching their full potential, in their own way, with their own voice. It builds capacity for deep awareness and the ability to take an objective and strategic view of career and life experiences within the societal and organisational systems in play.

Immersed in vibrant learning experiences, the program inspires fresh insights and ideas and builds powerful new alliances. It’s personally transformational; designed to increase wisdom.

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November 4, 2022
9:00 am - 12:00 pm