Contextualist Coach Development

Aberrant’s Contextualist Coach Development program provides a comprehensive pathway for experienced coaches and leaders wishing to expand their impact to organisational culture. 

While one-on-one coaching is effective in supporting individuals, Cohort Coaching is key to improving organisational performance ( Its rapid growth reflects bottom-line benefits as cohort members learn how to work collectively on complex issues by developing mindsets for partnering — across companies, sectors, and communities. 

Becoming a Cohort Coach is a rewarding experience involving: 

  • exploring how adults change and grow if they receive the right support and coaching 
  • modelling effective leadership behaviours 
  • growing your sensemaking capacity 
  • just-in-time learning when it is needed
  • linking actions, observations, reflection and planning with innovation. 

We’ll discuss topics as you work on real-life workplace problems; challenges that are relevant to where you are in your life, right now. You’ll develop personalised strategies and action plans that you can use straight away.  

You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding about how: 

  • your assumptions shape your possibility for change, 
  • reality is woven through self, other and the collective, 
  • when people change, organisations change, 
  • identity locks in culture and the power to act, 
  • shared purposefulness generates workforce resilience and retention, 
  • the experience of co-design produces better systems, and 
  • what we see around us reflects what is within us, individually and together.  

We’ll help you develop: 

  • ways to cultivate and practice compassion and empathy 
  • a way forward through the constraints and boundaries holding you back 
  • an understanding of how to develop a high performing, generous culture  

Foundation Module

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Contextualist Cohort Coach Development

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Cohort Coaching™

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